One of the ways that intuitive information can come to us is in a flash. This flash can be like lightening (or the light bulb coming on above a character in a cartoon). Someone who is clairvoyant may actually see this as flash of light from above. Like feelings, an intuitive flash is natural. Unlike feelings, which can be misleading (because they do not always come from intuition) this flash is almost always from intuition. This is also called a flash of inspiration because it can be a spark that gets our energy flowing. It also gets our attention, so that we are unlikely to miss it.

One thing about this method is that there is not a clear way to cause it to happen. That is, there seems to be no pattern that causes it to happen. Meditating, listening, dreams or other methods do not seem to increase the possibility of having a flash of intuition.

This method may be recognized in many cultures. For example, Gods have been depicted as throwing lightening bolts and there are ritual religious objects that are referred to as lightening. Certainly having a flash of inspiration is something that we remember for a long time and it is safe to talk about it in our western culture.

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